As simple as 1, 2, 3 …


  1. Contact JKNutrition

  2. Fill in the nutritional questionnaire and 3 day food diary

  3. Return your details and book an appointment with the Nutritional Therapist to begin your journey towards optimum health.



The initial consultation lasts an hour. Current nutritional status, dietary and lifestyle choices, medical history and family history will be ascertained and will form the basis for an analysis of your symptoms. All personal details remain confidential.


The Nutritional Therapist will offer advice on nutrition/diet and lifestyle with a view to relieving and/or eliminating the discomfort of specific, current symptoms. All advice will be recorded and sent to you by email.


Advice on supplements is also offered.


Follow-up consultations take place 4-8 weeks later.

The consultations are client centred and collaborative in nature.

Consultation process

Initial consultation 1 hour

Standard rate £65


Follow up consultation 40mins


Offers: 2 people, back to back

consultations (60 mins. each)

£55 each


Follow up consultation 40mins

£40 each